Poetry vs science

April 10, 2013 § 2 Comments

Why do we say our feelings come from our heart?
It’s true that intense emotional reactions can inspire fluttering abundunce in our chests
But the heart is an organ of many
Why do we swoon over the pump that keeps us going?
Maybe we think of feelings blooming from our heart because emotions are what keep us going
Feelings are
our pump
and when we cannot feel
we stop


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§ 2 Responses to Poetry vs science

  • Funkomatic says:

    Interesting thought problem. Not a thing I had applied any thought to before.

    • Stella Trout says:

      Yes. It came to me while I was watching Ang Lee’s Life of Pi (I haven’t read the book). I was so bloody overwhelmed by the dramatic tension, the high-stakes challenges happening one after another, that my heart was racing and I could hardly keep watching. At one point, we had to hit pause so I could run to the computer and write this “thought problem”, as you call it. So. That’s the story of how that movie greatly affected me.

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