About the Trout

Stella Trout’s Mouth is just one place for speaking freely about being human. Say what you like with humour in your heart. It’s the best love to give.

Trout facts:

  • I deal with depression and anxiety. It’s hard for me to tell people. I’m working on it.
  • There is suicide in my family. I wonder if I’ll kill myself too although most of the time I’m certain I won’t. I think about the phenomenon of suicide a great deal and I love to talk about it. I believe talking about it will make it less common.
  • My wish for the world is for every person to feel excited about one thing. This blog is my way of exploring my excitement. Most of the time I’m scared to hit “publish” but I make myself do it to keep my heart pumping.


Trout-recommended activities:

  • Squish your cheeks between your teeth and say “fresh fish”
  • Imagine purple paint storms over people wearing all white
  • Write love letters in the form of comic strips
  • Decorate your hair with flowers and perform the absurdity of your own funeral
  • Stay in silence with other humans for longer than you’d like
  • Play dress up even though you have nowhere to go
  • Grieve the family heirlooms you threw away in that fit of double rage
  • Touch a man’s shoulders
  • Place childhood photos of yourself on your fridge and gaze at them as though you are your own

Please note, kind person: 
I have assumed this persona to help me accept that I’ll never know the truth, no matter how many times I tell the story.


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