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What if I want to start right in the middle? What if I don’t want to wait for slight literary fame gained from the success of my first three novels to write about my own life? How old is old enough to publish one’s human experience thus far? Do I have to be a sexy female comedian in order to write a heartwarming tale of pluck and perseverance? Do I need the power and notoriety of a sex scandal, a reality television stint, a money laundering scheme in order to appeal to those seeking salacious satisfaction? Should I be a child in the midst of a war or an impoverished criminal with a story of redemption?

What if I want to write about my family? Now. What if I interview certain relatives for whom I don’t feel love under the guise of peace-making in order to get the details I need to finish the story? Manipulative? Okay. So call me human. Like everyone else, I have a plain objective to tell my story, it’s only the method that varies.

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Becoming me all over again

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“Becoming me all over again” is the most amusing way to describe how I’m feeling about the decision to start writing here again. It’s the don’t-take-yourself-too-seriously approach to the egocentric, existential emergence of my braver self.

I started this blog in 2009 in the hopes that I would write more. It worked. I posted about a few hundred times between 2009 and 2011 (I’ve since made most of those posts private). Writing here helped me write a play and some other stories. That was great. Then, for so many reasons that I’ll never want to truly understand, I stopped posting for 2 years. Now I’m hoping to check in here more often just for the sake of it. For no other reason than it feels good to speak freely.

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