Peer support in recovery

March 18, 2013 § Leave a comment

When we are sick, the hardest but most important piece of the recovery puzzle is to become involved with other people. Mental illness typically causes us to withdraw from the world, which is not so surprising when that world seems so hell-bent on killing itself through a slow parade of the ridiculous “normal”. When we have an insurmountable debt of hope, trust and faith in others it is very difficult to participate and communicate within our community. When we do not believe in others, we cannot connect with others.¬†Isolation¬†due to mental illness robs us of the intuitive and innate feeling of power and authority vibrating from our peers. The “normal world” wants us to feel disconnected from our fellow humans. It is oppression. It is the tool to keep us down, it is the kool-aid for the cult, it is the pill that drowns the water and leaves us thirsty for ourselves.

And here I am typing from the cool womb of my apartment staring safely at the sun.


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