She doesn’t live for her writing

May 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

Stella is currently making all of her statements through action. For example, she speaks about herself in the third person so that she can understand exactly what she is doing. She thinks, “would an eight-year-old child understand her message? If not, it’s bad writing and it’s bad living and she should be stopped”. Her thoughts can be fairly loud.

Stella thinks that it is more important to live her life (and write about it later) rather than live life so that you can write about it later. Understand the difference? If you don’t, it is entirely probable that you and Stella simply cannot be friends. The best stories have good middles,┬ánever mind┬áthe beginning and the end.


Love Junkie Shame

August 10, 2010 § 2 Comments

Many people in my intimate circle have been revealing their love junkie shame. I want to tell them:

  • It is not ridiculous to love someone’s smile, spirit and general loveliness. It is okay to fall in love with other people. It is also okay to let them go.
  • Wanting to be natural with someone else is natural. Counting the hours since the last visit, phone call, text message, email, comment on Facebook status, in some form or another, is something we all do. If we are thoughtful people, we will have a broad scope of love for others. We will continue to think about other people, whether happily coupled or not. The important thing is whether we are happy when partnered with ourselves.
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