The bird likes me

January 20, 2010 § 5 Comments

This morning I faced a long day at work in heels. Clip-pity clop-pity, there I was, ready to tackle a day full of meetings and checklists. It was rather sunny for a January morning in this city, and I was trying not to be grumpy for no good reason at all. I am going to admit here, I always feel exposed, awkward, and highly unattractive when I wear heels before dusk. I am more of a feet on the ground type of gal. Heels in new daylight feels like I am walking home after a one-night stand.

I decided to treat myself to a large americano from this place slightly off my usual path; caffeine can help inspire energy when presenting to a sea of disinterested professionals. Although I wanted to dodge across the street – I risked being almost late – there is no dodging in a heeled shoe. One must clip and clop along. Seen by everyone, noticed by no one.

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